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Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
I turned Avatar into a Hero to pick up Sol. I used a Levin Sword to make the transition easier. Only need 1.5 Levin Swords to get to level 10 Hero and Reclass to Dark Knight.

@Shadowdueler: Counter is a Lv15 Warrior Ability. As it only works on ajacent enimies it would not be as useful to a caster. (I Think) And I already made the kids with tomeflair instead for two reasons. 1. Lissa is useless as a Dark Flyier 2. Saving Galeforce Spam for a second Playthrough.

Sumia was a Dark Flyier becase she is actually useable like that. She has galeforce now.
Wow, didn't realized I typed Hero, I was sure I typed Warrior. Actually having counter on a caster would generally be more helpful because they normally have less defense thus take more physical damage. So is a physical unit decides to rush you he would pretty much kill himself (if he hits). Also Lissa isn't bad as a Dark Flyer because they can use magic and Lissa stated out as a Cleric so she should be somewhat strong in magic when you reclass her.

Also the greatest skill combo in the game is Galeforce+Lifetaker. It is just so amazing. Being able to attack twice plus gain 50% of HP with every kill you get if you initiate the battle potentially can lead to a 100% HP net gain basically letting you run through maps with ease.