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I know this isn't the most game breaking Build for Nah, but this I the build I'm going to do. I'm skipping Sol to avoid grinding more than 1 promoted class AND because Sol is Skill based activation and Manakete Skill Cap is 32.

I feel this build for Gregor!Nah focuses most on getting good abilities as fast as possible without wasting TOO much time. Sword Breaker is important because the only weapon that does effective damage to dragons is a sword. (wyrmblade, Falcion)

Gregor!Nah --> Sword Breaker (mother) AxeBreaker (Gregor)
Lv15 Manakete -> Odd Rythem / Wyrm Damage
Lv10 Mercenary ->Armsthrift / Patience
Lv10 Hero -> Sol =OR= Lv10 Troubador -> Resistance+2 / Demosile
Lv15 War Cleric -> Rally Luck / Renewal

1. Sword Breaker 2. Axe Breaker 3. Armsthrift 4. Renewal 5. Patience

That is 50 levels total, but only 15 promoted level if you skip Sol.

Kellam and Donnel are the other Choice Parent for here, but I'll save though game breaking combos for a second play-through.