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    Oh no you don't, I thought. "Let's go Gardevoir! Use Psychic!" Gardevoir held her hands towards Maxie and surrounded him in a purple aura. He thrashed around to no avail as he was lifted high in the air. He looked as though he gave up. "Go ahead, take it." He threw the cage forcibly towards the ground, but Gallade expertly leaped, caught him, then with a flip, landed lightly on the ground. Showoff. "What were you going to do to Shaymin?", I asked. I'm not telling you anything," he spat. We'll see about that. "Gardevoir, if he doesnt start talking within 30 seconds, brain blast him." She nodded.

    Shadow spoke up. "What's a brain blast?" "Oh, Its just when Gardevoir goes through your memories piece by piece, picking out what she needs. Then, she rips them apart. Leaves you brain dead in a coma, if you're lucky.", I said as casually as possible. "You're bluffing." Maxie didn't seem to believe his own words. "15 seconds. You don't have much time." Shadow and Omega had a look of horror on their faces. What they didn't know was that i really was bluffing, and that I had made up 'brain blast' on the spot. But they couldn't know that. Not yet.

    "5 seconds. What's your choice?" "Fine. Ill tell you what you want to know...
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