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Maybe you can put the chat on the main page of PC so people can see who's on it?
Not sure how doable that is, nor how much it'd contribute to server lag. Up to audy I'd imagine anyways.

But I'm not sure it's that necessary anyway as a click of the chatroom link gets you there and shows you who is online anyway, and idk how that would help activity.

TBH the chat is not in too bad a state and often can be busy - might be a matter of timezones. Don't mind more promotion of it though, but note that some sections are already a bit on the low side with activity so I wouldn't be keen on having some of those integrated with irc in case it takes activity from the forums... which is of higher importance after all. Stuff like GE and certainly X and Y wouldn't be affected as it is though.

But then in my experience irc chats work best when the topic isn't set on purpose but allowed to happen as it is - what people feel like talking about at the time. The best recipe is for people to go on and say stuff and wait around for a bit. Sometimes convos fail, but that's typical of many irc channels I've been on. Trivia bots can be cool but not when used during a conversation (it can just get in the way). Trivia nights require a lot of regular hosting/work if it was a regular thing too so I'm not sure that would work too well without proper planning and a number of people committed to getting it going.

So... I'm a bit undecided on some of these suggestions I guess? =p Will give it some more thought while others have their say I suppose.
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