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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Lucia's Room

    Lucia nodded, "Understandable, just keep control over your emotions. You are a guy after all." She simply stated. Ahe grabbed the box and put it back in her dresser, hiding it once more. "Just throw that stone away when you can. It's all used up." She said.

    Diana snickered at his new form and nodded happily, "Hehe, you weren't kidding about the muscle! That is quite a nice fitting form you have." She said with a nod. "You feeling more powerful then?" She asked him.

    Tyro smirked and jumped up and down, "Oh! WhenIbecomeaBlazikenIwanttobethatrippedandbeallmuscleeverywhere!" He said happily.

    Samuel looked at the Poliwrath, "Yes, quite a nice figure you have there..." He quickly turned away and began to pad out of the room. "Uh, excuse me all, just some business I must take care of." He stated as he walked out.
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