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Originally Posted by Landorus
Friday some guy started stripping in the dining room and he got arrested. 8 police cars and 2 ambulances.
What the hell? Why did a guy stripping require 8 police cars? And why did it require any ambulances at all? Did the sight of his naked body start a riot in the dining room where people were injured climbing over each other to get to his fantastic physical form?

Originally Posted by Puppeteer Mask
That wasn't even the worst part. APPEARANTLY the woman that was supposed to be served right after the first customer that walked out went to my managers and told them that I refused to serve her because she's Latino. ...what?
Firstly, welcome!

Secondly, that may just be the funniest thing I have ever heard in my entire life lmfao. She didn't have enough money so she pulled the Latino card to get her stuff for free or something. It's so crafty I almost respect it.

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