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    Fifth and final update! Hey hey hey! The first challenge I've completed on PC! ^-^ Here's what happened since last time (apologies for the long battle descriptions):
    -Defeated Cheren on Route 10. Can't remember what happened, as usual.
    -Went through the Badge Check Gates and reached Victory Road. It was quite a harrowing road, but we eventually managed to make it through (defeating Terrakion in a single hit in the process, using Pear's [Maractus] Giga Drain).
    -Once we made it to the League, I took out my flying Tranquill, explored the rest of Victory Road, and returned to Mistralton to delete Soul's (Golurk) Strength and Passion's (Audino) Surf. We also went to Anville Town to get a few more PP Ups by trading in some Star Pieces.
    -Did a bit of grinding at Victory Road, finishing up with the nine Rare Candies I had, putting everyone at level 52. Cadeau learned Flare Blitz and finally evolved into an Emboar.
    -Entered the Pokémon League and decided to go for Grimsley first, since I have a good advantage with Cadeau. Brick Break and Flame Charge took care of Scrafty, after a Full Restore was used on it. Krookodile came out next and Intimidated Cadeau; I didn't want to risk it, so I switched to Sydian (Petilil). Believe it or not, this isn't the first time I've used a NFE against the Elite Four on White (I still had a Mienfoo in my first file). Anyways, she took care of that Krookodile with no problem, and Bisharp came out next. Cadeau made quick work of it with two Flame Charges, in preparation for his speedy Liepard. After a wasted turn with Fake Out, a single Brick Break finished off the battle.
    -Marshal was the next member we took on. Soul took care of everything himself, with some healing items tossed in here and there. Throh's Payback was the only non-not-very-effective attack, so it wasn't too bad. Not really that much to say about this battle.
    -Caitlin was next, and man was this battle fun! It started off as Magenta (Musharna) against her Reuniclus. I think Magenta put it to sleep with Hypnosis on her second try. Reuniclus just spammed Thunder the entire time. I was able to set up three Calm Minds before it woke up and got in another Thunder. This one paralyzed, and through the magic of Synchronize, it also became paralyzed. Two Charge Beams and two Special Attack raises later, both of us used a Full Restore. Now, I unleash Stored Power (180 base power, +5 Special Attack, STAB, and not very effective) for a OHKO! She sends out her own Musharna, which falls the same way. Sigilyph comes out next, and Shadow Ball does pitiful damage. Magenta retaliates with a OHKO Charge Beam, which brings Special Attack up to +6! Gothitelle sets up a Calm Mind, but with Stored Power now at effectively 400 base power even after Calm Mind and resistance, it doesn't help. Hahaha, I was laughing like the whole time! :D
    -After such a great battle, it's time to come to the one that always gave me the most trouble (and also my favorite), Shauntal. She threw me off when she began with Chandelure (must've gotten mixed up with Ghetsis's Cohagrigus), and that's where the trouble began. I think I had Pear in front, so I switched to Passion. Unfortunately, her Chandelure was faster, so it got in two deadly Fire Blasts before I could Attract it, knocking Passion out. I decided to bring Pear back out to do some damage with Sucker Punch, but that's all that happened before Fire Blast. Fortunately, Cadeau outsped it and was able to land a Head Smash, finally bringing down the beast! She sent out her Golurk next. I think I switched for Soul, who took an Earthquake. But hers was faster, so a Shadow Punch took down Soul. Wow, I played stupidly. I brought out Sydian, who felled that giant pretty easily. I don't quite remember what happened with Cohagrigus, but I think it was a joint effort between Sydian and Cadeau. Jellicent was definitely Sydian's. Cursed Body annoyingly disabled Giga Drain, which allowed her to actually use a Full Restore, but still, no problem! And with that, the Elite Four are finished!

    -Went through N's Castle and healed the party. Caught Zekky with the Master Ball.
    -The battle with N definitely could've gone better. I forgot to switch my lead, so I had Pear out against his Reshiram. Bad start. Switched immediately to Soul, who took two Fusion Flares and fainted. I brought in Cadeau for Head Smash, but Reshi took me by surprise with Extrasensory. Head Smash wasn't quite enough though, so Cadeau fainted from another Extrasensory. I think I brought Pear in next for a free Sucker Punch, putting it in the red. A crit Fusion Flare knocked him out. So I brought out Magenta. He used a Full Restore and fell asleep due to Hypnosis. Two Calm Minds, and it awoke. But it couldn't do much damage, so I put it to sleep once again. I think it was another two Calm Minds before it woke up and fired off a Hyper Beam for pathetic damage. Again, Hypnosis put it to sleep, and I got off the final two Calm Minds and a Quick Claw Stored Power (260 base power + bonuses!) for a OHKO. His Sturdy Carracosta endured a Charge Beam and retaliated with a Crunch. Full Restore, repeat. It got off a Waterfall before fainting. Archeops was the next biggest problem. Crunch does a lot of damage, so I used an X Defend :O and healing items. I believe a Stored Power ended it (should be 280 now because of X Defend). For him, it was all downhill from here. Klinklang fainted from Charge Beam (didn't want to risk it being Zoroark). Zoroark came out next, in undisguised form. Got Night Slash'd, then a Charge Beam. Vanilluxe felt the horror of Stored Power. Once again, Magenta takes all the experience.

    -And now to Dennis Ghetsis himself. I switched Pear for Cadeau as Cohagrigus used Toxic. My plan was to raise Speed with Flame Charge--enough to outspeed Hydreigon and take it out quickly. Unfortunately, Cohagrigus is very defensive and has Psychic. With Flame Charge and Flare Blitz, I was able to bring it down to low health (darn Mummy replacing Blaze). Cadeau fell, and I brought out Soul. He used a Full Restore, but Shadow Punches took it down (after Soul got Toxic'd). Seismitoad was next, so I switched for Pear as it Rain Danced. It used Sludge Wave, but a lethal Giga Drain managed to heal almost all the damage. Next came the dreaded Hydreigon! Dragon Pulse did a lot of damage, and Pear Petal Danced for about a quarter damage. Then... he used Surf (I guess because I was at low health, and it was raining still) to heal Pear, thanks to Water Absorb! Petal Dance got another shot at him, bringing him down to the yellow. I guess he learned his lesson, because he used Focus Blast to finish off Pear next turn. Passion came out next, dodged a Focus Blast (thanks, BrightPowder!), and fired off a Blizzard. Not quite enough! Another round of Focus Blast fail and Blizzard finished off that terror! So much experience! Bouffalant was next. A Head Charge and Return left it with about half HP. I returned for a poisoned Soul, who was unaffected by Head Charge. After an Earthquake exchange, Bouffalant was down. Eelektross took its place, and Crunched Soul into oblivion. I brought out Sydian, who endured a Flamethrower and got off a successful Leech Seed. Quickly, I returned for Passion who took an attack (I love Regenerator!), whatever it was. He was also able to tank a Wild Charge and brought down Eelektross with Return, with some help from Leech Seed, I think. That brings Ghetsis down to one: Bisharp. Because both Sydian and Passion were low on health, I brought out Magenta to try to put it to sleep. I only had one shot, but Hypnosis missed, unfortunately. I used a Max Revive on Cadeau as Bisharp defeated Magenta. Then Cadeau came in to end the battle with a Brick Break. And with that, Ghetsis's plans are foiled!

    The team in the end:
    The Gift

    Cadeau (Male Emboar, Naive, Somewhat vain, Lv. 53)
    Blaze, @Shell Bell
    -Flame Charge
    -Flare Blitz
    -Brick Break
    -Head Smash

    The Pink (realized I forgot to change the picture when she evolved >_<)

    Magenta (Female Musharna, Brave, Thoroughly cunning, Lv. 56)
    Synchronize, @Quick Claw
    -Stored Power
    -Calm Mind
    -Charge Beam
    ~First place in the "A Sweet Soirée" musical show!

    The Attraction

    Passion (Male Audino, Brave, Likes to fight, Lv. 53)
    Regenerator, @BrightPowder

    The Valentine

    Sydian (Female Petilil, Brave, Often dozes off, Lv. 53)
    Chlorophyll, @Eviolite
    -Giga Drain
    -Leech Seed
    -Sleep Powder

    The Flower

    Pear (Male Maractus, Bashful, Somewhat of a clown, Lv. 52)
    Water Absorb, @Miracle Seed
    -Giga Drain
    -Aerial Ace
    -Petal Dance
    -Sucker Punch

    The Duo

    Soul (Genderless Golurk, Brave, Likes to thrash about, Lv. 53)
    Klutz, @Macho Brace
    -Shadow Punch
    -Gyro Ball
    -Rock Slide

    Ahhhhh~ I enjoyed this challenge! I'm glad I was able to finish it before the deadline. It took almost 34 hours of game time--a lot faster than usual, but I'm definitely not a speedrunner. I liked training all these pokémon I've never trained before, and even bringing in a NFE into the League was awesome. The final battles were great; I loved how everybody played a role. Only Pear didn't get any level ups from the final battles, but he was instrumental in taking down that nightmarish Hydreigon. ^-^
    Completed Solo Runs
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