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    Hey all, just felt like giving an update. My current hunts:

    Dratini - 2525 SRs (Soul Silver)
    Piplup - 350 SRs (Platinum)

    Haven't posted here in a while because I haven't had any luck finding shinies. Been playing through Heart Gold since finding Diplo, my shiny Chikorita. It has since evolved into Bayleef and right now I'm looking to beat Whitney so I can head to Ecruteak and talk to Bill. After that I'll be starting a new hunt for shiny Eevee. No rush though since I still have two other hunts going on as well, hopefully Dratini or Piplup shine for me soon! Dratini resets go by extremely quickly, but I want shiny Piplup most. Is there anyone hunting for a shiny Dragon type or shiny Gen IV starter? I'm interested in racing if anyone else is up for it, trying to get some motivation.

    Also, welcome to all new members and congrats on all the new shinies caught! Good luck to everyone on their hunts!


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