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Originally Posted by Sparkymc View Post
I agree with Triforce89. The BS is the new high school diploma. Additionally something else to think about is does the industry you want to go into require a degree? They may be needed for advanced positions but for the entry level? What is more important the degree or experience. I have a degree in Information Technology. The entry level jobs barely pay minimum wage because you don't need a degree to run cables. I'm sure it will pay off later in my career but I failed to look far enough ahead to see what the minimum qualifications were. I strongly feel I would have been better served getting the experience first and working on my degree as an after thought.
I do not think that the costs of attending college will decrease. The banks make too much money on student loans. The more popular a four year degree becomes the more expensive it will be.
Personally, I'd front-load it. I'm young now with time to kill, and thankfully my parents saved for my education. I've completed my bachelors and am about to finish my Masters.

Do I need a Masters for an early-career position? No. But I know that with it, I won't (or, rather, hopefully shouldn't) be overlooked for advancement later on for someone else who has one. Don't want to invest it in after the fact.

Depends on the options available to you.
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