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@Lokiepie - Before I can accept you, I would like you to flesh out your history a bit. D= All I got from this was that... she had a normal, perfect life. =( Maybe throw more of a curve ball? Until then, ~pending~

@ChocolateCrunch - Accepted! Sounds like someone I can relate to. xD

@blaziken153 - I want you to delve more into your character. Like, explain more about your cahracter's appearance, personality, and history. Declined for now.

@Xilfer123 - Accepted! That is a really great character; the proud, mistrusting type. ^^

@iLike2EatPiez - Accepted! Aww, I'll root for Jacques!! ;__;

The rest of you are reserved, but, make your SUs as soon as you can~!

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