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    Originally Posted by Dado1109 View Post
    I cant trade!! D= i connected to another computer!! but the lady in the game doesnt let me in!! D= plzzzzz help me! what should i do???

    I cant trade/battle!! D= i connected to another computer! but when i talk to the lady! she doesnt let me in!! D= help meeee plzzzz!! D=
    I have the same problem. It connects properly, and it says we're connected, but it just keeps saying "your friend isn't ready" whenever I talk to nurse joy. My friends and I are playing Pokemon Crystal. I can't get it to work just on a single computer either. Is there something we're doing wrong?

    Edit: We've tried other games as well, and those are having similar problems. Do we have the wrong version or is there something else we also need? We used the download link provided at the start of this thread.
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