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-Username: GolurkIsDaBomb (feel free to call me Golurk!)
-Favorite character and why: Well obviously it's Daryl! I mean, not only is he BA, he's nice, caring, and just all sorts of awesome. He's probably the best thing about the show, in my opinion! As for other characters, I'm starting to really like Michonne, as she's really cool, and whenever she talks (though rare) she's awesome. I also like Carol, ever since the third season started. She's just become really awesome. And I like a lot of other characters.... but I'll just leave it off with those three haha.
-I got Rick in the which character are you game. :( As long as I'm not Lori, Shane or Andrea I guess I'm okay with it... :/

I honestly doubt any of those 3 will be dying anytime soon! They're too important right now - if one is to die, it'd be in the season finale or something I think. Now... as for all those topics! Glenn is going to stay angry at the governor - I honestly can't see him ever feeling like there will be any way for reconciliation. Since he's kind of a leader now, it'll be interesting to see what happens if Rick goes coo-coo again! As for Merle, it's gonna take a while for them to get used to him. I think either eventually he'll kind of fit in - but I'm guessing he's gonna die first, probably the next death. (although I don't see that happening too soon) I think Rick will probably be out of a leadership job soon enough, but I think it's really just up in the air at this point. :/

As for coolest zombie deaths, I can't really remember any too specifically... although there was a cool one with Andrea when the group was on that highway, and she was trapped in the RV.

*Also, I love the CSS :D