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    Lavender's stomach rumbled, sending aches of pain down his body.
    "I told you we should have finished off that man. He was large enough for the both of us to eat for days." Valka said, his voice filled with spite. Lavender continued into the cave, holding his stomach as he tried to put his mind on something else.
    "Yes sir," he said through his pain. "You were right sir." He said, knowing the only way to get Valka to be silent was to agree with him and cross his fingers.
    "Turn around boy," He commanded. "He's probably still sleeping out there, he won't live long without his canteen anyway, it'll be a mercy killing." His Bisharp followed this statement with a dark chuckle, loving the idea of blood on his knives and the screams of the poor freak as he watched them feast.
    Lavender shuddered, trying to keep going through his hunger and the cruelty of his pokespirit. Honestly, he had no idea where he was going anyway, he just hoped it would have meat.
    Meat. Meat, meat, meat was all he could eat anymore. Before he could indulge in anything, but his pokespirit, Valka would refuse to let him eat anything that hadn't come from another human being. "Good for your muscles! Great for your empty head!" He would say, almost chanting whenever they had a body before them, live or dead.
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