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    hi mods i'm only mostly dead don't lock thread plz

    Actually I am slowly working on another update to polish some things when I'm not busy with classes and getting distracted by my other hack, which is sadly too early to justify a thread.

    I didn't get the DLwZFurret (Yugiho referance?) or that ugly licitung (Yukaritung?) referance. Anyone?
    Also, black Furret isn't cute.
    Both are dumb touhou in-jokes. DLwZFurret (literally Dark Last Word Zero Furret) is poking fun at bad Touhoumon hacks such as Insane which spammed bad palette swaps with ~1200 BST in their endgames, while Yukaritung is an old Nuzlocke forum-related in-joke. (It's worth noting that both have only 680 BST, although it amounts to a bit more due to me abusing dump stats).

    However, I do have one major gripe. The Second Round of Elite Four members and them having seemingly unobtainable Pokemon with ridiculous BSTs. Whoever gave you the idea that 250/120/120 Defenses were a good idea? The only Pokemon with comparable Defenses is Shuckle, and at least that's barred by it's nonexistant offenses. It also has 130 SpA, which let's it hit hard as well. This thing didn't even get 2HKOed by a Petal Dance coming off a +6 Lilligant. It just screams unfair to me how you're resorting to using unaccesible Pokemon to raise the difficultly level. It's imo just a very messy idea and I'd much rather you use actual Pokemon. No, I don't have anything against Fakemon (although I am not too fond of them...) but keeping them exclusive to the AI and overpowering them is never a good thing imo.
    I actually am inclined to agree with this in hindsight- however I don't think I'll be doing much with them other than toning the levels down so postgame isn't just a grind, as it's meant to be reminiscent of meaner games. Furthermore, it's postgame, and thus entirely optional- I think a bit of slack can be cut there. If you've made it that far you've gotten past pretty much anything I can throw at you with legitimate mons, and there are *much* worse examples of boss power inflation out there.

    With regard to Yukaritung in particular, her bulk is indeed intimidating but she's actually closer to mixed Blissey than Shuckle- a friend of mine 2HKO'd it with Metagross Explosion followed by banded Heracross Megahorn.

    Yet Another Fire Red Hack

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