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    Imagine the movie Cube, but with Pokemon. For those who HAVEN'T seen Cube, read on.
    In an undisclosed location a group of scientists are hired by the government to create a device to test soldier's abilities for the battlefield. These tests were collected and placed in a randomized training area known as "The Cube". Hundreds of rooms were designed and set up but after seventeen different test subjects failed (each with a Pokemon of a different type) the project was cancelled and shut down. Years later, the crime organization Team Rocket discovered the abandoned project and reapplied it to punish those who had opposed them. Your OCs are notable enemies of Team Rocket, being punished for opposing them. They are being thrown in with their Pokemon of choice so they can die with their closest companions. Use your brains and allies to survive, lest you let all your work be for naught.

    Rules for RPers:
    • One Pokemon per character
    • No legendaries or shinies, slightly differed colors are OK
    • Pokemon may not be wider than 5' 5" in order to crawl through the trap doors connecting the rooms, exceptions being certain ghost/poison-types
    • Pokemon may only know four moves
    • Teleport will NOT be an allowed move, that would just be cheating
    • Levels are irrelevant, this is a puzzle RP, not a battle one
    • Pokemon, other than those who can use telepathy, can NOT speak english although humanoid Pokemon may use sign-language or charades to speak to trainers
    • You must respond at least once for every two weeks, three if you give GMs a heads up, or your OCs will be assumed dead
    • This RP will stress teamwork, I don't care how AMAZING your OC is, they won't survive with their pokemon alone
    • As implied by the title, only five characters at a time, but there WILL be death, so the next character will be placed inside once one has died/is assumed dead
    • New characters for an RPer is fine, but only if the one from earlier has died off
    • Moves will be used to counter traps

    Rules for traps:
    Anyone can submit traps so long as they follow these guidelines
    • One trap per room
    • Traps MUST be able to be countered logically, be it by a kill-switch, a shielding move, or being cancelled out by an attack/ability.
    • Psychological traps are allowed, straining the subject's sanity is an excellent priority
    • RPers who are currently RPing will not have one of their traps used
    • Traps are to be submitted to a GM via PMs, not via the thread.

    Submission Outline:

    SUBJECT: (FULL name of OC)
    SEX: (Are you a boy or a girl?)
    APPEARANCE: (Same as every RP; name their physical characteristics, height, build, notable articles of clothing, tattoos, etc. min. of 100 words)
    PERSONALITY PROFILE: (Same as every RP; the way they react to others/their Pokemon/themselves/etc., also their deepest fears min. of 100 words)
    CRIME: (reason Team Rocket wishes them dead, works as their history and background set as well min. of 110 words)
    POKEMON OF CHOICE: (Pokemon, as well as its typing, nickname, appearance, and ability)
    MOVES: (Moves the pokemon knows, egg moves and HMs/TMs are OK))
    OTHER: (Anything else notable that doesn't fit anywhere else, just mark if it's for the Pokemon or the trainer, optional)


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    None... FOR NOW

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