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Zayne Alta - Beach

Zayne sat in the soft yellow sand between Oak Town and the main academy with his hands stretched behind him taking most of his wait and looking up at the sky where Andromeda, his staraptor circled around stretching her wings and enjoying her flight
"STARRRR" the large bird called out loudly to nothing in particular, Zayne smiled briefly and continued watching his flying type. On his right sat one of his most trusted friends and companions, Aura, his lucario who was mediating quietly feeling the aura of those around them and enjoying the presence of his trainer. Along with Ignis who was still in his pokeball, the two were the only pokemon Zayne had brought with him to the island deciding he'd like to try catching from the islands very diverse ecosystem and raise some new companions.

He had arrived on a courier ship delivering supplies to Oak Town earlier and had started walking to the near-by academy when he decided to sit and enjoy the view for a while. He was in no rush having no lessons to teach on his first day and used the time to review his situation. He was now a teacher at the academy, the teacher of practical battling and he was looking forward to the job although he had never been a teacher before and was slightly nervous about the position, he figured that he'd battle someone later to calm his nerves though so he wasn't worried. One thing he was curious about was that he was supposedly going to be an in-house teacher at the Entei Dorm, meaning he was supposed to stay in the dorm to keep an eye on students after school hours.

"Well, this is sure to be a new one for us Aura" he said the jackal-like pokemon sitting to his side. The lucario opened his left eye to look at Zayne responding with a simple grunt before returning to his meditation. Knowing the blue pokemon well Zayne understood that this was a grunt of agreement. Well, let's see what happens.

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