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    I'd prefer if they left them as is. Shiny aren't really that special anymore. Adding more color pallet swaps would just cause people to do the bigger penis comparison. I know my friends did that to me a lot...course I floored them when we actually battled since I knew what I was doing somewhat.

    Still, with things like Shadow, Metallic, and anything else, I'd expect stat changes to the Pokemon. That could potentially upset the balance the Pokemon had, like a Metallic Blazekin could lose Speed, but gain Attack and Defense, not to mention have special abilities due to its new body that would make it more broken than it already is.

    And if they didn't, that would just be the most disappointing thing. I'd rather more practical additions than aesthetic changes. Especially since the Aesthetic add ins never really rank high on the fan's like list, like Super Contests and Musicals. Dressing up was just plain boring and gave a senseless collection addition that could only be viewed during contests.

    The Seals from D/P/Pt was the only aesthetic thing I really liked, but they were removed due to improper filter issues with the lettered parts.
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