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Dear GF,

I'd like at least one more whale Pokemon other than Wailord. Or maybe that'd just be too big of a request(lol puns), but still, that'd be nice.

Sincerly, a loving Pokefan.

Sounds cheesy, but yeah. u_u More or less out of curiosity to see what another Whale Pokemon would be like. A hammerhead shark would work too~! Only two sea creatures I really want/can think of wanting right now(it's 2:30 AM, I can't think of much okay?? ;O;).

Also curious as to what this gen's fossilized Pokemon would be. It seems that, going through the fossilized Pokemon so far, we've been more or less given either sea predators or land predators(even though Bastiodon looks like it would've been vegetarian, and I'm not sure about Cradily, though it looks like it could trap a few shrimp/small fish/crustaceans and eat it), so it'll be hard to say which direction GF is going with now.

like sandcastles against the tide.

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