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    Okay, let's make a start :

    Normal : Pidove. I don't like it. Simple as that.
    Fire : Slugma. Ewww...
    Grass : Paras/ It gives me the creeps.
    Water : None as of now.
    Electric : Emolga. It IS a cutie, but it's damn annoying and always comes out instead of Audino... xD
    Bug : Kricketune. It's ugly.
    Fighting : Medicham. I never liked it.
    Ground : Stunfisk NEVER! Instead... Gligar.
    Psychic : Woobat. It's one-eyed, so it's like a furry little Cyclops.
    Rock : Shuckle. I hated that thing.
    Flying : Woobat. I rest my case.
    Dark : Honchcrow had bad looks according to me.
    Poison : Venipede. Due to personal revenge purposes.
    Steel : Forretress. That ugly thing.
    Ghost : Sabeleye. Why didn't it have an evolution? Waste of a good typing.
    Ice : Snover. Due to personal revenge purposes.
    Dragon : Druddigon. Hate that creature.