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    His pokémons turned their heads."Tini?TINININININININI!"(Pokéblocks?FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!), shouted Draca. The three turned and ran like Rapidash with a turbo booster. The three grabbed the Pokéblocks and ate them.

    "Pokéblocks are treats for pokémon", explained Daniel."Ok guys, now you'll have to avoid Argo's energy balls by destroying them with attacks", explained Daniel.

    Fira demonstrated. Argo shoot an Energy Ball at her and she destroyed it by using Ember. Argo kept shoting Energy Balls. Draca destroyed her with Dragon Tail, and Fira destroyed one by using scratch. "Treeck!"(Be careful, Tiba, here comes one), warned Argo, and shoot gently the slowlest Energy Ball possible for Tiba, at only 5% of the original power.

    "The world is gigantic, with lots of secrets and mysteries.I understand why you want to explore it. Finding something in the world is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I sweared to protect you until the end of time, so I will always have a way to find you."

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