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I can probably tell you right now that the fact that it's based on Europe probably won't have any bearing on the game other than the aesthetics and the culture. Sure, France has a lot of history behind it, but think about it from GF's perspective: Even though it's possible, in theory, to implement a historical tribute to France in the games, how do you connect or even relate it to Pokemon? I feel that this is the biggest problem here, as you can see in Unova, there's no references to any of the wars or anything that the US has ever fought, it was more like an aesthetics feature that played a role in perhaps the Team, the culture, things of that nature, but really nothing more than that.

That being said though, even though this is probably unlikely, I'd have kind of an issue with it. Nono, that's not to say that I have a thing against history or whatever, it's just like that I like to play Pokemon more or less because there's not a presence of complex things like this. I can imagine it'd cause quite a bit of a rattle among European players too, but thats just me. XD
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