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Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
Name you want to be called by: Dash or Fritz
Skills: I can beta test c;
How available are you (in terms of hours/week): uhm I go on PC everyday for like 5 hours. So you can find me. c;
Contact information: (be it skype or something else because pms can get messy) VMs c;
Proof of skills*: Uhm I had an old hack.
Accepted (even though you may have to wait a while :3)

Originally Posted by Lilio View Post
I have a little question regarding the spriter application.
We have to do both, a trainer and a pokemon, right?
Also, with no recolors do you mean we should invent a completely new pose or is it enough to completely change the clothes, face, hairstyle...?

Oh... and do you aim for a modern or more fantasyesque setting?
One trainer and pokemon is a yes, A new pose for the pokemon would be good, changing the clothes face and hair on a trainer might be harder to do than a new pose for a trainer, but if it helps you can use the same pallet~