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Yes, yes, yes!! I found gift Pokemon such an interesting concept, and for the right price(metaphorically speaking of course, I'm pretty picky on what Pokemon I'll take from someone, though!), I'll take it! What I don't want to see making a return is that dude that sells you Magikarp for like 500 Pokedollars. :x Maybe it's just me but even though it's a fish, selling Pokemon(even as a gift), just feels weird to me, so I hope that doesn't make a return anytime soon. XD;

And nah, I really don't think it would reduce their value(in this generation, anyway) because gift Pokemon are pretty far and few between anyway(at least, in my experience, or maybe it's just me), so I'd like there to be some more, hopefully with some useful Pokemon? I'm not getting my hopes up by any means, but yeah!

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