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    In a past thread I've made, I've touched upon the theory that these games might be based on dimensions, due to the nature of this game being based on the X, Y and possibly Z aspect. [click!]

    However, while that thread has talked about dimensions in space, there was still one factor that involves X&Y, and in pokemon games in general, that was not touched upon. Time. Time is generally a theme in some pokemon games, and it fits the idea that it the theory about dimensions in X&Y can become apparent, since it is considered the "fourth dimension". However, rather than looking at time as a spacial aspect (because it shouldn't), let's look at it as a measure on physical change.

    Time in pokemon has been a semi-recurring theme. In Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, we get to try out this machine in local pokemon centers called the Time Capsule. And of course, the time capsule allows the player to trade pokemon from Red, Blue, and Yellow. However, there was limitations. We also got to meet the little critter who loves to jump between time: Celebi. Fast forward to Gen 4, we met the Deity of Time, Dialga. But that's not all -- we actually got the chance to travel through time in HG, to a place where we saw Giovanni.

    Now, what can this possibly mean for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y? What if time was a returning factor, or a main theme in these games? Should we get the chance to see history in the pokemon world unfold, as we get the chance to travel back through time? Is it possible to get future glimpses in the pokemon world if we got the chance to travel to the future? Could time play another factor in the mechanics of these new games as well? For example, timed events, certain time to find certain pokemon, and certain battles in a certain time? Do you have any other ideas on if or how time can play a factor?

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