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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    Now that I'm back and more awake(hopefully!) I can make more coherent suggestions as to what GF would make! Yay! n_n;

    I'm all for more type diversity, so I would first go for that! You already have Ghost/Fire, Ghost/Ice, now it's time for some Ghost/Grass Pokemon! Unsure of what it'd be like, but yeah, it wouldn't be too bad, I'd imagine. Yeah, it'd have more weaknesses than it should(in fact, the typing hurts it more than helps it) but for the sake of type diversity, it helps? n_n;
    We acually discussed maybe a scarecrow (an actual straw one, not Cacturne) and that could be a Grass/Ghost. It's typing would hurt it, but there are plenty of other Pokemon whose typing hurts them more than it helps them. Plus, it would be really cool!
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