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Hm....a pretty interesting and thought-provoking thread, Shawn!

Concerning time and the aspect of time travel, I do think that it'll make somewhat of a mark in these games. But how? Are the main protagonists able to go back in time somehow? I really do hope so, since it's about time that your main character actually interacts with the element of time, without it actually being a Pokemon, or without it being some sort of silly add-on that allows you to trade Pokemon from game-to-game, but something actually interactive, in a sense. I'd like if time was a part of the story, and if that was perhaps expanded upon as we advance throughout the story.

What would the future be like? What is the past like? Are we able to alter Pokemon history as we know it?

Mind you, I do have my doubts that Gamefreak would implement anything overly complex to the story. One could of course argue that space-time was complex in itself, as well as dimensional conflict, but there was nothing to really scratch your head over with that. It was pretty much explained and made obvious that Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina kind of wanted their own space, and they're pretty territorial and they're not afraid to fight each other to prove that point. But what about or mascots, do they have anything to do with time, as well? They may not look like it, but the saying goes as to not judge a book by it's cover, so maybe you could travel in time with the help of the legendary Pokemon, or perhaps there's a device that would allow you to do that. In any case, I'd like for there to be more of an interaction with time, I'd like to see what would happen especially if wild Pokemon were included in this, if you could go back in time only to find a certain Pokemon, or travel to the future to find a certain Pokemon, things of that nature.

Time is just such amazing thing with such potential that I definitely think should be fully tapped this generation. You better get to work, GF!

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