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    Sammy quickly stooped down and took the boys left arm and lopped it around her shoulders, placing her right arm around his waist. She had a decent hold on him, and now he could lean as much of his weight on her as he needed to. She just hoped it wasn't too much, she was stronger than most girls her age from helping out on the ships, but she was no powerhouse. Grunting she tried to hoist the boy up to his knees without moving him too suddenly.

    "Come on," she said through gritted teeth, "we're going to get you up on your feet, then you can race me to the nurses office, alright? You don't want people saying a girl saved your ass, do you?"

    Corphish continued to pace around them in a semi-circle, keeping his eyes towards the Lugia Dorm. Every once in a while he glanced suspiciously at the boy. It seemed unlikely he would throw himself out of the building, against a wall and give himself a head wound just to try something on with Sammy. But it was possible! Cubone's cries had stopped and the little pokemon sniffled, dropping his bone club to the ground so he could pull his skull on tighter. He then panicked and quickly snatched the bone back up, looking ready to cry again.

    "Hey, hey!" Corphish snapped. "Pull yourself together, what'cha doin, what'cha doin!? We gotta be on guard, eh, eh?"
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