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Even thought you seem to touch on alot of valid points there I think you're looking too much into the names of the games rather than the actual content, If you look at the pokemon games from the past they touch of the legendary pokemon within or pokemon who represent those games, For example; Yellow is a Pikachu, Diamond is a Dialga ect.

It would be nice to see some new features in pokemon such as a pokemon that can alternate from dimensions/worlds ect, but coming from a childs point of view which is who the games are supposed to be for I really wouldn't see them doing something this complex, especially as X/Y are risky enough being a new game on the 3DS.

As for the mentioning of where you can time travel within the pokemon games I think they are more a novelty rather than any actual influence to future games, the time capsules only serve the same purpose as the Poke Transfer in Gen 5 and that's just to simply trade pokemon from previous generations. Dialga of time shouldn't of been the only point you touched on though as you also meet Palkia of space and the dimensions X/Y/Z work only for space and not for time.

You mention certain times for catching pokemon but in gen 4+ this has been apparent where during the days you can catch some pokemon more than others anyway, but it would be nice to see the addition of a time lapse sort of like in the Anime with the Illumise and Volbeat episode, where you get certain swarms depending on how far you go back and to what location you go to, but as I said before that would just be too much effort for game freak when they already have swarms of pokemon and again touching on the subject that the game is intended for children and may be a little too hard for them to understand how to travel to and from the past.

I like the points you brought up in this thread though you make quite a few valid points however you seemed to a little confused about X/Y/Z dimensions they work majorly only with space and not with time as time has no contrasting effect on space in the way you are trying to portray it, Obviously if you time traveled in a game you would be see different things because of things changing but you wouldn't change you co-ordinates completely, you would be in the same place but just in another time frame.

The novelty of time travel I feel should be kept away from the games as It would make the series too much like already existing games such as The Legend of Zelda, Achron and a majority of Final Fantasy games. Again 2 of which being from the Japanese region already it just seems to much like jumping upon the band wagon of time travel!

Was a nice read though! :D Obviously I am not going to flame what you said as I mentioned several times you did make some interesting points, I just think it's not very plausible.
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