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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Except Megnium can still be a decent physical sweeper with Sword Dance, Seed Bomb, Outrage, and Earthquake, outclassing Serperior's physical set.
I'd say it all really depends, and it's really conditional especially since Meganium and Serperior I'd say are two sides of the same coin: Serperior is faster, allowing it to get off Taunts at will, set up subs, or even set up light screens. The problem with Meganium is that I feel it's too slow to actually be useful, and plus Light screen and Reflect are the ONLY moves it actually has to defend itself. Going through the list of NU Pokemon, there's actually quite a lot that can hurt it. Sawsbuck, Gorebyss, CM Gardevoir, DD Fraxure, you name it. You can make that same argument for Serperior, except for two things: Again, it has Calm Mind, but not just that, it has Coil as well, meaning that depending on the set that you're using, Serperior can operate as a pretty bulky Pokemon even against the 'mons that it's weak to. For example:

252+ Atk (custom) Megahorn vs. +2 32 HP / 0+ Def (custom): 114-136 (32.66 - 38.96%) -- 7.93% chance to 3HKO

Megahorn coming from Sawsbuck, aimed at +2 Coiled Serperior(you're not seriously stopping at +1 at NU, are you?), and it's just about walled -completely- Needless to say, anything +3 or above would take pitiful damage from Megahorn, really.

252+ Atk (custom) Megahorn vs. +3 32 HP / 0+ Def (custom): 92-110 (26.36 - 31.51%) -- possible 4HKO

I don't want to go on and on about this because it's getting off-topic, but all of this is to say that Serperior is far from incompetent at what it does. It may not be the best at it, but it is certainly not the worst.

That being said though, going back to the original topic of CoroCoro, I'm pretty excited on what the issue is going to be next month. I'm hopefuly Sylveon's type is one of them, but hopefully we find out more, like the region, and heck even the map of the region, or maybe some cities, things like that. I'm not expecting anything super huge, but at least some substance, please. D:

March is still quite a ways away from October, but still...

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