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Originally Posted by PrimalDialgasaur View Post
I was reading through this, many people said Orca *cough* KYOGRE *cough* they usually don't repeat animal designs especially if after a legendary of that animal came out. I'm all in favor of an actual dolphin Pokemon, water/psychic is a good combo! I'm looking for more horse maybe a Pegasus form of Rapidash... And how about a couple more dinosaurs? I know Groudon was supposed to be a "T .Rex" but in reality, it's not anything but a monster...thing. There is such a variety of Dinos, it would be awesome! Like raptors, or stegosaurus, or pterosaurs!

You have a lot of those as far as fossilized Pokemon are concerned, though! Aerodactyl for instance, as well as Kabutops, and Armaldo, etc etc. They may not be huge, known predators like what we knew in the past(except for Aerodactyl, he's a big meanie), but rest assured that GF has not forgotten to give the prehistoric times some love. XD They usually always do in one way or another.


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