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    Sammy made a great deal of very unladylike noises as she helped Shawn to his feet, and kept a hold on him even as he leant against the wall. Even with its support she was worried he would keel over without her. On the bright side he seemed nice enough, she'd hate to have come to the aid of a total jerk. Still, nice guy or not, this wasn't what she had envisioned doing with her first night on the island. Catching a pokemon maybe, having a battle - why not? Exploring of course, maybe making a few friends. But accidently catching a pokemon, nearly getting hit by a cannonball kid and then helping a bloody boy find medical aid? Not so much.

    "I'm Samantha, but we can shake hands when I don't think it'll shake you right out of your shoes, okay? You look like you're barely holding on. Which dorm are you in? I can get you that far and someone there can look after you while I run for a nurse. My Corphish and Cubone can protect us, but I'd still rather not stick around out here any longer than we have to."

    Being polite was all well and good, but if they hung around here long enough for him to pass out again they were really screwed. There she was trying to get him moving and he was waxing philosophical on asking for help! And thinking of help, how had no one come running when she called out? Was everyone busy pigging out in the cafeteria or something?
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