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Jubilife Outskirts

Chapter Two: Part Four
Reach for Hope

Amy shrugged slightly in response to Lucy. "I had to go there once for Blade's obedience training--" She as cut off (at least, she seemed to hear it) by laughter from Faith.

The Kirlia laughed harder as Blade seemed to turn red with embarrassment, and she teased further, "Obedience training!? Were you a bad little boy, Blade?"

Blade scowled. "At least I had accomplished something from it."

"Would you guys hush?" Amy gave the (invisible) Pokemon a stern glance, and they both grew quiet. "Anyways, yeah... I guess I was just expecting it to be... Not ruins..." She grew quieter herself, for a few moments, before speaking again. "I'd be lying if I said it was better than what I remember... But I'm still glad I could come here... If I hadn't, I'd have never met you, or anyone else from here. That's definitely a plus..."

As Mako spoke, she looked down at Cecelia. Somehow, she'd forgotten the girl was still there. "Oh, okay." She quickly hopped down, seemingly gliding to the ground slowly. She followed the group by light hovering, an inch off of the ground.

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