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In my honest opinion mirage island in generation was a massive flop because it appeared so rarely it was something I never bothered about trying to find I never went to speak to the old man after I spoke to him the first time to see if the island had reappeared to me it was a totally useless island you could catch level 5-50 Wynauts which to me is stupid as you receive a Wynaut egg early on in the game so why you would need another one is beyond me and the only other thing on the island is a berry for increasing ones attack stat which again is something totally unneeded in the game.

Adding in special easter eggs is a huge hope of mine within the pokemon games however they need to remember an easter egg is supposed to be something cool and exciting such as the secret key in platinum where a captured Rotom could have it's form changed but the generation 3 mirage island was just massively boring and didn't interest me at all! Maybe if I couldn't of had the Wynaut egg early on in the game I would be forced into finding the island as I would need a Wynaut for my pokedex but I didn't so there was no point, if they were to incorporate some sort of island within the game I would expect it to be a place where a legendary pokemon or a very rare pokemon would be hiding away even the possibility of a cave system with some interesting features would peak my interest but a boring island with 1 pokemon and a berry certainly wouldn't.

To me the mirage tower in the Desert part of emerald was more interesting as I got a chance to obtain a fossil pokemon and when playing the game for the first time seeing that tower disappear and reappear was something which took me by surprise and made me very curious.
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