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    ∣ "Solo"

    Chapter Three: Part One
    Social Interaction

    Effect: None

    Solo's immediate reaction to the eavesdropping Human was to turn and scare the living daylights out of him, and he was going to, if not for Eva grabbing his arm at the last second. Instinctually he yanked his arm away, a flinch reaction to being grabbed, but he seemingly got the message. Instead, he just crossed him arms and glared rather darkly at the Human. "Not as much trouble as /you'll/ be in if you keep following me and eavesdropping, pest. Get lost--" He immediately turned his head as a familiar, yet unusual scent came to him. Sure enough, the Lycan girl, THE ONLY OTHER FREAKING LYCAN IN THIS SCHOOL, was walking up to the group, and started off by giving ridiculous nicknames to all of them.

    Potato? Seriously? Solo had immediately begun to hate this girl, starting from her watching him get attacked. Surely stupid name-calling wasn't going to make that better. Eva introduced them to her, and mentioned leaving for the mall. Solo held an arm out in front of Eva, not taking his glare off of the Lycan girl, simply stating, "Wait." He wasn't snapping, but he certainly looked pissed. He took a few steps closer toward the girl. "You were there when the Werewolves attacked, and you left me there to die." His fists were clenching, and a few of his knuckles made popping sounds as he did. "/What the hell/!? I thought you were a Lycan too... But we'd never turn our backs on our family!! And we'd never avoid fighting a Werewolf!!"

    Yup, he was pissed. He glared directly into her eyes, his light blue gaze piercing and angry. "You've been tamed by Humans, or something." He snarled, and simply turned his back to her. "You're not a Lycan. Not anymore. I am the last of my kind." He immediately continued down the hall, opening the door and walking outside, not waiting for any followers.

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