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    Originally Posted by LMFAO. Word up. View Post
    Teaching children real world knowledge is something that shouldn't matter? I find that highly offensive! If a child can learn about how the real world can function from a video game then in my opinion that video game is doing something right.

    If you read alot of pokedex entries you find that pokemon do infact each one another, Kabutops' pokedex entry states: A slim and fast swimmer. It slices its prey with its sharp sickles and drinks the body fluids, now if we look at this would you rather a child learn such facts from real life learning? or from a child friendly game designed in my opinion to teach people the importance of treating the animals within the world with respect and dignity and that those animals have there own cycles of lives.

    Another pokedex entry this time from Glalie: Glalie has the ability to freely control ice. For example, it can instantly freeze its foe solid. After immobilizing its foe in ice, this Pokémon enjoys eating it in leisurely fashion, if a child read this it would think it's a little weird but it would not see the immediate fear because I came from a game, where as if the child were to see a real life animal slowly eating something else it would not be as interested and would initially be frightened.
    Excuse my poor English here. What I meant to say is, yes of course it's important for them to learn, but, it won't matter all that much for them on a video game, because, like said before, will children properly care for the real-world terminology in pokemon games anyway? Will children necessarily care, or rather -- understand, the biology that older kids understand? I'm just saying, not sure even little kids care about that stuff when playing a pokemon game. It's like how in Mario games, getting all of the stars/beating all of the levels gets more emphasis than beating Bowser, because Bowser's plot just doesn't have much bearing on the actual main points of the game.

    We have already seen five of the new pokemon to be within the new generations and if we exclude the legendaries for now you are left with the three starter pokemon, these three pokemon do look incredibly like other pokemon from previous generations and I hope that Game Freak doesn't do this with too many pokemon otherwise you could see some trouble they might get from the older and passionate players of the game. Pokemon are to be unique from any other pokemon and even though people complain about pokemon such as Trubbish stating "IT'S JUST A PILE OF TRASH, WHAT A STUPID DESIGN" infact the pokemon Trubbish is a fantastic design, Someone tell me have you seen a pokemon based on trash before? the closest you can think of it the Grimer line which is actually chemical waste, so going from that point any new pokemon which can resemble real world things like Vanillite representing Ice Cream are actually very clever ideas and again bearing in mind that pokemon is a childs game does making new pokemon like Vanillite a necessary thing, all pokemon are based of alot of real world things, Ditto looks like Playdoh, Sandile is a Crocodile, Wingull is a seagull, Murkrow is a standard Crow. So before people judge a few pokemon by what they are in real life, maybe they should think about previous generations and how close they are to real world things.

    Well yeah, there's nothing really specific on how people you'd define something as "creative". Like, how is a Grimer any less creative than trubbish? That argument has been going on for a while now. It'll be tough speculating about new pokemon, but hey, we have hopes, right?

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