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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Excuse my poor English here. What I meant to say is, yes of course it's important for them to learn, but, it won't matter all that much for them on a video game, because, like said before, will children properly care for the real-world terminology in pokemon games anyway? Will children necessarily care, or rather -- understand, the biology that older kids understand? I'm just saying, not sure even little kids care about that stuff when playing a pokemon game. It's like how in Mario games, getting all of the stars/beating all of the levels gets more emphasis than beating Bowser, because Bowser's plot just doesn't have much bearing on the actual main points of the game.

Well yeah, there's nothing really specific on how people you'd define something as "creative". Like, how is a Grimer any less creative than trubbish? That argument has been going on for a while now. It'll be tough speculating about new pokemon, but hey, we have hopes, right?

Although you say that children will not be able to understand the biology of what older people may be able to understand you then take the emphasis away from trying to teach children things that will help them later on in there life, If they read a pokedex entry about a pokemon eating another, that child then may be in a position later on in education where they can draw from that information that they saw within the game and apply it with real world information. Children have brains like sponges it can absorb a huge amount of information and if that information can be learnt early enough from education if will stick with them forever and if getting that information comes from there favourite game as a child then obviously having real world implications within the game is something not only necessary but essential for children.

Going back to the pokemon speculation part, the points I used for pokemon that people dislike was only supposed to be a small points what I was really trying to get across was that people shouldn't be angry or surprised about what pokemon Game Freak are adding even if those pokemon are identical to that of something which exists in the world we live in, adding things in from the real world will help people relate more to the game and they will find it more enjoyable. I am never going to post about "OMFG THE NEW POKEMON WILL BE MAINLY GRASS" but what I will say is that you should expect to see a format similar to the previous generations where certain types will dominate more than others. Being creative isn't about adding a pokemon with 16 arms and 5 legs or a pokemon that can hover and fly at 200 MPH it's about being able to create something that people will look at and say "Okay, I understand where they were going with this"
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