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Originally Posted by twocows View Post
Scheme is also a solid choice.
My ears perked upon the mention of Scheme. That and Clojure are awesome in all of their Lispy awesome... I never knew you knew a LISP language..! And if you haven't seen it yet, this may interest you twocows:

I gave it a try recently, and while it is kind of annoying that it requires Leiningen for Clojure, I thought the thing was pretty cool. I have not tried its Python mode yet because I don't know Python.

Originally Posted by twocows View Post

No, but seriously, any intro to programming course that's taught in C++ is a bad intro to programming course. You've got a few decent options for teaching programming to beginners and that is not one of them. C#, Python, Java, or maybe even C are acceptable choices.
I would argue against this actually. While C++ has some oddities, it will be able to teach people about pointers as well as a more object-oriented approach than most languages that utilize memory in the same way as it. I agree that C is probably a better language to start out with, but C++ isn't that bad a language to start out with. It is also a very important language, so knowing it is definitely an asset, especially if you start writing larger programs. (It becomes easier to manage than C.)
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