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    Originally Posted by SoraTheTruth View Post
    I like the ds-styled graphics its hard to find a hack like this by an english hacker or an eglish patch for the languages.
    Thank you, I'm not an english hacker though Lol.
    But since I've learned hacking in English I just followed the flow :p

    Originally Posted by djfunky View Post
    Loving the current story and graphics!
    Can't wait to see more ^^
    Thanks. Its pretty basic though, but there is only how it begins told.
    Later you will find out who these evil guys were and why they're looking for you, might be interesting for someone :o

    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    True. But Anbuja is not an english hacker lols ^^ the indoor tiles remind me of galaxy elements.
    Checked that hack out, I've liked it, I remember it being with ugly edited FR tiles. But now it looks pretty nice.
    For my luck it seems that the only thing the indoors have in common is everyone having theyr'e own bedrooms.
    Which is pretty fine, since I thought I was using same tiles or anything and then I would have to edit them all again :<

    love the graphic !!
    keep it going
    Thanks, just don't forget graphics isn't everything =]

    The graphics are really sweet, can't wait to play this one. Good luck!
    Thank you. Though now I feel bad that I got sick and wasn't really able to get some progress done.
    I promise I will be able to put an alpha at least in the next month, if not I'll do something else :)

    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    Do you need a CSS? I can get you some :)
    We'll talk in VM/PM about this :p

    Small update

    Sooo sorry that I wasn't able to show anything showable in this update, since I wasn't able to work with my team on scripts. I'm sick and UNI started since Monday which isn't funny :<

    At least I can show you 2 screenshots of Mijubaki forest where probably most storyline events will occur in alpha 0.0.1.

    Also the BB I have in, but might go and change it. Idk yet.

    And hero sprite since i remember someone asking to see it :>

    Alright this was it for tonight, I hope you'r not "that" dissapointet about the 4 screenshots :<

    Oh yeah before I forget, anyone has any sugguestions about the BB?
    If I like it doesn't mean everyone will, and I'm still looking if I get something better anyways :)