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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    In Ruby and Sapphire there was something we all aspired to find: Mirage Island. The chances of finding it were low, but if you found it, you got the self-gratification that you found it!! With this being the sixth generation, and the island originally appearing in the third, do you think chances are it could return? Would you like to see something similar (like a rare island that keeps appearing/re-appearing) to Mirage Island - that appears only under certain conditions, or maybe on certain days, and with items that change all the time? If so, would you be okay with getting another old man that looks for Mirage Island to find it for you? Or would you rather it just be a thing you stumbled upon? Share your thoughts~~
    If they do put something like this they should put a Celebi on it with a move that lets you speed up time so you could go to mirage island any time you like to
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