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    "Lugia Dorm? That's what it's called? So I guess it's a Ghost type hangout then?" Sammy asked as they made their way into the dorm building and towards Shawns room. "I only came ashore today and was having a look around when a Shuppet came flying out of that building. Maybe it was trying to get away from all the energy in there? Ah, I dunno. Probably best if we just steer clear of the place from now on."

    "Cubone's a trooper," she smiled down at the Lonely pokemon, who had been shaking with fear every step he took. Only once he was inside the dorm building did he seem to feel a little better. "We're still getting to know each other, but I think he's got a lot of potential. And Corphish just likes to think he's a tough guy, he's a big softie really."
    "Phiiiiiish! Cor cor!"
    "Yeah, yeah. You're the big man, we know. So what pokemon did you end up catching Shawn? I caught that Shuppet by the way, sort of by accident."

    It was best to keep him talking, she wanted him to stay awake. Hopefully someone would spot them now that they were in the dorm so she wouldn't have to leave Shawn alone while medical aid was sought out.
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