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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Lucia's Room

    Lucia nodded and then regarded the clock on her wall. "Hm... it's getting late Mark. I suppose I should be turning into bed now. As should you. I don't want this to keep you up all night." She stated.

    Diana grunted as she rose on her back legs and grabbed the bicep with one of her 'hands' feeling it flex. "Hehe, well, you are quite a power house." She said. "Good looking and able to pack a punch!" She got back on the floor. "I can't wait to see how many pokemon you are able to utterly destroy now!" She said with a firm nod.

    Tyro bounced up and down, "NuhuhI'llbethefastestpokemoneverwhenIevolve!"

    Samuel was still absent from the room at this point and Roberto rolled his eyes. He knew what had happened, but first that Poliwrath would have to leave before Samuel could even get close to the room again.
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