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Originally Posted by king_nick72 View Post
hmmmm good question doronjo....
if i had to choose.... i'd have to say King theme would be
Originally Posted by romdinner View Post
My first post is up as well. So since Miss Doronjo asked about a theme....I think that this would fit Kat the most

While you're trying on a new CSS, I'm just starting to learn how it works. XD
Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
@Somniac: I would love you forever if you did that actually. As for what I'm envisioning it's more of a navy blue outfit, with the zeta symbol (ζ) as a logo somewhere, and I don't know what else. I never had a full image for them =x
Sure, I'll give it a shot later tonight or tomorrow depending on how I feel :]

Originally Posted by king_nick72 View Post
man i cant wait for the second chapter to go up.

Also i love all of the posts. Every one of them was different for choosing their pokemon and leaving. even though i was the only one that took 2 posts to do so
I think Ffion is technically still in new bark, but i'll wait til chapter 2 to explain her leaving and such, got an idea layed out for that part to spice it up a little
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