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    The energy ball seemed confused, and hit one of the doubles.

    Fira and Draca smirked to each other. They wanted to take this a step forward. They nodded to each other, and Fira jumped and landed on top of Draca's head. Argo understood what they were doing, and sent an energy ball charged with Solar Beam.
    "CharrrTII!"(Double Dragoon!), shouted Fira and Draca at the same time. Draca sent out an Water Pulse, and Fira covered it with Ember. Argo's Solar Ball joined with the two attacks, forming a triple attack. It hit the tree behind Argo with a powerful blast."Good, good! Now we will go to train Double attacks", said Daniel. He explained further."Look, if Fira alone tried to use her scratch attack, she wouldn't reach that fruit", explained Daniel, pointing to a fruit in the top of the tree. "But if Draca and Argo help...", said Daniel. Argo made an handstand right in front of the tree, and Fira jumped and landed on Argo's tail. Draca did a Dragon Tail on front of Argo, making a shockwave, launching him in the air, and Argo catapulted Fira using his tail. Fira grabbed the fruit with her Scratch attack and landed on the ground. "See? Helping each other can be helpful, nontheless, in a Double or Triple Battle", explained Daniel.

    "The world is gigantic, with lots of secrets and mysteries.I understand why you want to explore it. Finding something in the world is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I sweared to protect you until the end of time, so I will always have a way to find you."

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