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I like Brock better. Cilan's really getting kind of tiresome with his repeated gags and immense knowledge and passion for certain things.

Whoops wait what?

I do love them both. I grew up with having Brock around and he was a good character. He was funny and knowledgeable and was the "mentor" of the team. He was amusingly into the ladies and very good in his chosen field. Brock wasn't too boring and wasn't in the background too much, but he was also not involved with events as much as he could have been. And his shenanigans became wayyyy over-the-top in DP and weren't balanced enough with the serious mentor personality.

Cilan, though! Cilan is flamboyant and always over-the-top and passionate and enthusiastic and involved. His tasting time wears a bit sometimes- but, being a Connoisseur, that does happen to be his job. And it's not like he just does one thing all the time- each tasting is different and there are many different times which have nothing to do with his job and all to do with his hobbies. He's so very enthusiastic about all kinds of things and has a wide range of knowledge, though he's actually still learning along the journey. And he's a skilled trainer as well, but still struggles and loses enough for it not to be a rarity. Cilan's actually a well-rounded and well-used character. I'd personally just like some backstory and explicit development for him.

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