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    I don't think Fennekin is or will become a dual Fire/Fighting type, because all the other Fire/Fighting types are 2-legged and use their arms/fists for fighting. Would be interesting to see a Fire/Psychic combo, since that has never been done (except with Victini, which is primarily Psychic and then Fire, and Darmanitan in its Zen Mode).

    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    Except nobody uses Meganium(that I know of) because it can't do anything aside from just setting up screens(I'm not trying to diss meganium or anything, I love it! It just lacks on the competitive side). I think what makes Serperior useful overall is that it has SO much recovery, which I think you're forgetting here. Sure, Serperior may seem flimsy, but thankfully its moveset alleviates that. You have Calm Mind, Giga Drain, and Substitute, all of which can work in conjunction with each other, and even leech seed to help give you even more HP, for -more- subs. Plus, Serperior isn't weak to Shell Smash Gorebyss, though it entirely depends on who sets up first.

    Oh and by the way, I think Serperior has taunt. So it wins against SS Gorebyss anyway.

    And honestly, that argument can be used against almost any grass starter type, since they're all walled by Skarmory(minus HP Fire Venusaur in Sun). I'm not saying that Serperior is the best thing out there, but it certainly isn't too shabby at what it does, and it has the moveset to help fix its defensive weaknesses, so it's not necessarily a problem. o.o
    I had a Meganium on my Crystal version before it got erased. It was the only Pokémon that I had at level 100. If I remember correctly, it had Solarbeam, Razor Leaf, Body Slam and Synthesis. I even beat Fire-types with it.