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    There's going to be a lot of ranting in this post because let's face it, this world is filled with noobs.

    For starters if you ask what emulator that you need to play this game, then please go and donate your computer to kids in Africa who can at least try to DL a game and figure out how to play it before posting 50 times to ask for the answer before even attempting. Its not an emulator and its not a hack. It was made through RPG maker and just DL the latest version which Carmaniac posted on page 216. Use 7 zip, its free, and if you ask how to get 7zip please refer to my first step that said to donate your computer to kids in Africa. You're probably in the same group that doesn't know what DL is.

    For the millions of posts that asked about how to get the screen bigger, please join the former group in donating your computers to Africa. Ask yourself, "Did I even try to resolve this on my own"? It's in the options, face-palm please. Do you buy an xbox game and never play it because you can't figure out to take the disc out of the box? ALT-ENTER

    The previous issues were ones that should have been easily resolved by yourself without the knowledge or assistance from anyone else. The next are not...
    If your game has a fatal flaw in it then you likely DL'D one of dozens of older copies floating around the internet. Simply copy the game.rxdata file and put it in a folder on your desktop. DL the newest version from Carmaniac's post and then start a new game. Save the new game and then go and replace that game.rxdata file with your older one.

    To perform a trade, go to Krypton city and go upstairs of the healers. They'll break it down for you. You'll need to trade to complete your pokedex. Certain Pokemon can only evolve through trade via holding specific items. To get them, go to daystraits port and put the evolved pokemon in your first slot and talk to the heartscale boy. Trade him heart scales for the item and there you go. To get heart scales , go to mastric city and dig for them in the cave.

    TO THOSE THAT WANT THE SOUND OFF AND ARE SCREAMING FOR JOY KNOWING THAT ITS POSSIBLE DO THIS: press F1 which brings up a properties menu and de-select the Play BGM and ME, Play BGS and SE. voila!

    A lot of the stones were not included in the game to purchase and that makes them extremly rare. For example, I've only found 2 moon stones, the first I can't remember and everyone receives it through Mt. Rainbow (best guess) but the other I got in the shadow dimension from a pokeball. DO NOT ENTER THE SHADOW REALM WITHOUT A COUPLE ESCAPE ROPES or Dig

    My Pokedex is at 400 owned and 441 seen. They are all obtainable (or should be) through play through or trading with yourself with exception to the Manaphy legendary. Shinies are available.

    If you cry about not seeing animations then please buy RPG Maker ace and build this game yourself and include the animations. You have obviously never programmed anything past a MySpace or Facebook account to understand the tedious hundreds of hours just to make a few people happy. Go drop 200 on the Nintendo games and play them all and trade them all to complete your Pokedex so you can have the animations. Why do you cry and moan over a free game?

    The move re-learner is in Branchtrake Town,
    Random TM Lottery is in Dynas City
    The happiness indicator is in Moonview town and Daystrait's Port
    Superrod in Surfree Town

    What I haven't figured out yet
    :how to evolve Porygon
    :How do you get in the tower in Freezeday city
    :How do you get into the locked house in Duskduke City
    :my Pokedevice notebook is complete except for 2 blank lines (not sure what they are)
    :a few npc's talked about being thirsty but I've never seen a place to buy drinks or if it would even do anything
    :how to obtain the other bike
    :and last what to do after the Torixia league.

    Let me know if you've figured these out.
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