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    In Pokemon Snap, which Pokemon was is that you have to throw an apple, or rock at it , to knock it into a pit of lava to evolve? Charmeleon right? I was thinking of physical requirment of evolving like the way I was describing. Putting a Pokemon in lava, or freeze it solid, or dumping it in a special kind of water. But must have a valid reason why. Like has to be level 25 only, or any other level. Or must have a specific attack, defense, or speed points. Or happiness has to be high. Somewhere in the lines of that. (Obviously having a action or option to have for your Pokemon to do so at the place where you evolve the Pokemon)

    Maybe a Pokemon that evolves only if the entire team is happy, or satisfied with the owning trainer.

    A Pokemon that's heavily depended on some way of food like berries to evolve. Feeding it a butt load of berries, puffins etc; (Rare Candy doesn't count)

    Or the opposite of happiness. Have a Pokemon evolve because the anger or sadness it builds up.
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