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    Entry hazards of different types. This would stop Stealth Rocks from being such a huge determining factor in which tier pokemon are found. As for the comment about what isn't hit by stealth rocks is hit by spikes, I find that it's still unbalanced. Spikes can't really do significant damage unless you put down 2 or 3 layers, compared to stealth rocks having the potential to take 1/2 hp with only 1 turn of set up. It makes any pokemon with a weakness to rock a huge liability.

    Maybe an additional 3:

    Burst Clay-ground (terrible name but I couldn't really think of anything)
    Thorny Vines-grass
    Pointed Icicles-ice

    This would cover a lot of weaknesses and resistances pretty evenly, only leaving 5 types (normal, fighting, ghost, psychic and dark) without a weakness to any of them, and fighting being the only type of those 5 with a resistance to any of them (stealth rocks). Considering fighting types don't have much going for them (almost all of their moves are physical), I think it's an okay advantage.

    Edit: I forgot that spikes was already a ground type attack. I doubt they would changes the mechanics of it, so maybe replace burst clay with a fire type attack. This would add poison types to the group with no weaknesses and 1 resistance but poison too is a group in need of some major upgrades.
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