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    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Classroom 13

    As Ryuu slowly got up he saw that the other teachers were badly damages and needed to be taken care of immediately. He saw no other choice than informing his students about what happened and ask them for their assistance. This was rather embaressing since teachers were supposed to be stronger than this but this wasn't entirely their fault though…

    Ryuu left the teachers lounge to go to the infirmary, on his was he saw four students of his and stopped in front of them. It were Solo, Takumi, Eve and Kailey. It was obvious that he was being attacked and before the four students could ask him anything he spoke with a rather calm tune. "Please gather in classroom 13, let the other students from 3C know about this." Ryuu said with a faked smile on his face. This situation was serious, what was Oz planning to do?

    "Takumi, Nami is stalking you behind the corner, plshe might've heard what I said but please repear my words." Ryuu kindly smiled before turning to the girl with blue hair that looked like two yarn balls, Eve. "Thanks for the apple earlier." he only said and left while glancing at Solo, as if he was mentally saying. "Don't get into trouble" and proceeded to the infirmary.

    "Higoroshi-sensei!" the nurse immediately screamed worried. "Don't worry, i'm alright… worry about the other teachers in the teachers lounge, i'll explain later." with these words Ryuu made his way to the room where he was earlier this morning.

    "I'd like to make an announcement." Ryuu said as he had taken the microphone already and his voice was heard through the whole school. "Will class 3C gather in classroom 13? Thank you." aaannddd… Ryuu left again, he was in such a hurry as he saw Oz as a very dangerous person that had to be taken care of as soon as possible. He saw down behind his desk once he entered his own classroom.


    Listen to what Higoroshi-sensei has to say.
    Note: Higoroshi-sensei is badly damaged.

    Things you can't do:
    • Attack Oz.
    • Talk to Oz.
    • Make Oz notice you.

    Things you may do:
    • Go to classroom 13
    • Inform the other students in class 3C about the gathering.

    You're not forced to go to the classroom. You are free to ignore this event but I need atleast a few students who want to attend this.

    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 2: I wasn't stalking.
    Classroom 13

    Nami had noticed some tense air and recognized Lycan puppy's and Takumi's voice. Nami immediately sneaked to a corner not far away and spied on two girls in her class, Lycan puppy and Takumi. It looked like they were argueing, but just seeing Takumi was involved brought her senses up and slowly changed into her Vampire form. Her hair turned silver as her brown eyes were suddenly crimson red.

    Just at that time their homeroom teacher turned up out of the blue and looked rather damaged. She heard him asking them to gather in classroom 13 and… told Takumi she was stalking him? Dude! Nami came out her hiding place and stood in front of them. "I wasn't stalking at all, don't just blabber things out as you wish." Nami looked rather seductive and a little more violent in this form. As she left to the classroom she changed back to her human form and took a seat. This was rather troublesome… was it really okay to show off her real appearance in front of Takumi like that? She was a bit upset about the possible consequences,

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