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    Originally Posted by Ben. View Post
    Alexandre made something of the sort, haven't really looked into it. Link. It'll be outdated and all but it's a start.
    Alexandre's project only includes being able to see other players walking around. This is a feature I'm definitely not interested in adding to Essentials, even if it was fully working.

    If anything of this nature was going to be added, it would be battling and trading. The easier option would be the trading, I think, since the battle scripts would need to be dramatically overhauled in order to allow battles against other people; online trading is simply a new feature. These two things likely would be added into Essentials, if they worked.

    However, I'm not going to make them. I'm not interested in making them, and I wouldn't know how to anyway. Someone else can have a go.

    There is a lower-tier option, which was discussed in another thread a short time ago, which is to make a Trainer House feature which lets you put other people's teams in a folder and battle them (with the AI controlling them). It's pseudo-multiplayer, since you battle against other players, even if it's just their teams.

    Originally Posted by venom12 View Post
    I think there would be needed only online trades and battles, no chat or entra link.
    Need? Nothing is needed. Essentials has survived so far without any multiplayer options at all.

    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    Finally, my argument to why it shouldn't be done for Essentials is the ignorance of the general community here. Something like setting up and managing your databases and servers for your Pokemon game, can get quite complicated here. And with the general majority of the members here, who can't even read simple error messages from Essentials, I would think it would be more of a hassle than anything else. I mean, people after people, come again and again with the same old crap because they couldn't be bothered to read the Wiki, or read the error message, or research it a little. How disrespectful is it to those who make those resources available, and put effort into articulating the information correctly, if it is going to be disregarded anyway. There are just too many users of this particular engine who do not want to inform and educate themselves on the basic principles of making a game with it.
    All true.
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